Vodafone free unlimited 3g/4g internet with operamini handler trick

Hello friends today I will tell you how to surf free unlimited 4G,3G,2G internet in vodafone network anywhere in the country. This trick is working by using operamini handler. I will provide here the latest version of operamini handler. This is the latest working trick of 2017.

Internet-Trick 1:

STEPS are given below- 

1. use default vodafone live settings as apn
2. Download and install opera handler
child lock /key – www.nextwap.net
3. Open opera handler and put front query as below
front query-
4. save settings and start enjoying free internet on vodafone

note – If it is not working in zero balance . Try with any small data packs

Internet-Trick No.2:

STEPS – This is latest operamini handler trick of 2017

1. First Maintain your main balance Rs 50 – 52
2. Now goto this proxy address [ copy paste this address into your browser]
3. Now activate any video pack from there
4. Complete subscription.
5. Then go to phone settings>>Mobile Networks>>Access points name>> ADD new
And enter below settings
NAME: Vodafone free 3g trick by techintor.com
APN: www (or) vlive
PORT: 80
6. Now download any opera handler from here
7. Then install Opera handler on your device
Child lock – www.nextwap.net
[ First time installation requires 2-3 MB]

8. Open opera handler. And use this front query in opera mini handler –
9. Now save the settings and connect to internet.

Ok done.

Now you can enjoy unlimited free 3g and 4g internet on vodafone network.

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